This collection was a inspired by several classic video games I used to play.    It was made by the wonderfully talented Benjamin Roesch and is available exclusively at Game God Terrain.


This purchase is a digital download and not a physical copy.  It includes high resolution files in both JPG, and PDF format, which has been optimized for printing. 


Included in this bundle are the following five game mats:


  • The Super Sprinter (Optimized 4' x 4' Game Mat)
  • Super Bros (Optimized 4' x 6' Game Mat)
  • Super Bros 2 (Optimized 4' x 4' Game Mat)
  • Desert Pod Racing (Optimized 4' x 4' Game Mat)
  • Infinity Zero (Optimized 4' x 6' Game Mat)


A portion of the proceeds collected from the purchases made on our site will go towards the donation of terrain, game mats, and game components to the Order Of The Bear, a non-profit community game club in Rockwood, Ontario, Canada.


Game God Terrain is a proud supporter of Friends Of Gaslands

Classic Video Game Inspired Game Mats for Gaslands

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